Printable ring size guide (download link)

VERY IMPORTANT: It is very important to print this document scale 100 % because if not done, will vary across the range of values of sizes. To do so, print this page in its original format :

  • Turn off the ” Fit to Page ” from your printer.
  • Go to theFile , select the Print option, before printing the document, in paragraph select page scaling: NONE
  • If you are not sure to have printed this document correctly, only have to measure the pattern marked with 100 mm , measure 10 cm to be exact .
  • To choose a ring wide cane or have wide knuckles , choose a higher real measure , this way will ensure you get the correct size and comfort.


If you already have a ring of your size

If you already have a ring , place it on the table of equivalence once printed (following the instructions detailed below).

Check that the inner contour of the ring matches the blue line of your size . You can also check if the diameter of the ring coincides with the line there at the bottom of each size .

If you do not have a ring

  • Cut faithfully the two figures above .
  • Ensure that the part of the measures remains outside .
  • Tighten the paper to the contour of your finger.
  • Ask someone to pull in the opposite direction to the meter base , if you do not get just the right measure .
  • If your finger is fine contour , ensure that the action taken him through the knuckle of the finger.
  • Note that there are two figures to measure the sizes , one with the odd carvings and one with odd sizes.